An integral ritual experience
Music, rituals and fun
The schedule of artistic training

      Developing group consciousness through the oldest and, at the same time,   the most truthful form of human integration.
      Rhythm, singing and dancing have been accompanying people for thousands of years and helping them release negative emotions and heal their relations. Owing to this archetypal play, we become attuned to others unconditionally, drums mesh and throb, they interlock with dancing and harmonize with ritual sing-songs. Minute by minute, we are becoming one organism.

      The schedule of the workshops includes:
Ritual rhythms on original African instruments, integrating phenomenon
of trance, games and contests on and around the drums, playing on the
African Talking Drum, a massage done to accompaniment of the large drum
(160 cm in diameter), tribal dances and ritual chants.

African culture of rhythms is the origin of human communication. It were Africans who invented talking drums, as well as the first “phones" (slit drums), which could carry a sound message for a distance of several kilometres.

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The feeling of group strength, synchronization and group playing, based on archetypes of tribal community, are built together by ritual rhythms played on African drums.

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Openness to new challenges, expression of emotions, and empathy of the group are created by ritual sing-songs. Lead: Iza Kowalewska

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Enthusiasm and energy of primordial community are released though tribal dances. Lead: Eric Folly. All three strengths – drums, sing-songs and dances combined together at the end of meeting, give rise to the identity of business shaman amongst participants.

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It is also possible to organise workshops for bigger groups of participants – we are able to provide drums for two hundred and fifty people

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The spectacular and visually-impressive collection of drums perfectly integrates into the scenery of luxurious interiors.

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The enjoyment of playing together releases unforgettable emotions, creates long-lasting common relations showing results in work, and strengthens the group perceived as one efficient instrument.

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Tribal dances of Duala(Cameroon) culture. Lead: Jean Bome Gargant

ritual sing-songs in Duala language- Iza Kowalewska and Jean Bome Gargant

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The members of top management and owners of companies may warm up their images by showing their sense of humor and engaging in carefree play.

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Shaman rhythms played on one giant membrane create the image of individual’s acceptance in a group.

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