My passion and vocation is bringing people happiness through drumming –
playing drums together.
Since drums relax the mind and set the spirit free, playing drums in a
group brings people together or even results in making friends.

The more often I run workshops, the more it absorbs me. Each group, each
person is different. Each new relation is a challenge and there is no
ready-made formula for success.

There is no ready-made recipe for a successful meeting or concert at the
end of workshops.

One method of passing something valuable to people does not exist.

We should simply learn from those whom we teach.

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workshops provide great fun, whether they are organised in a meeting hall, in the forest or on the beach

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Danuta Hubner
(Member of the
European Parliament) with drum

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workshops at the Crossdrumming Festival in Warsaw

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workshops for the Sharjah sheikdom at Sharjah Water Festival in
the United Arab Emirates

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workshops for citizens of Osterode am Harz, Germany

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citizens of Osterode am Harz came to Poland (1 year later)

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workshops in the State of Kuwait

workshops for the students of drum classes at the National
Percussion Forum in Żagań, Poland