Ryszard Bazarnik

                          regularly participates in a Polish Television (TVP) programmes:
                        as a co-presenter on “Dzwiękogra” - a series of children’s programmes
                 and on “Randka w Ciemno” - a weekly reality series on TVP1 (the polish version
              of ‘Blind Gaming’) in the years 2002-2005,
             as a musician on many TVP1 programmes, in particular: a musical entertainment
          programme “Co tu jest grane”, an educational youth magazine programme
      “Magazyn Młodzieżowy Raj”, a music quiz show “Muzyczna Skakanka” and morning breakfast
        magazine programmes such as: “Kawa czy Herbata”, “Pytanie na Śniadanie” and “Teleranek.”
        Ryszard Bazarnik has composed music for several shows on Educational Television,
Theatrical Spectacles and programmes on TVP:
Witkacy’s ‘Sonata Belzebuba’ (Beelzebub’s Sonnet) (Contemporary Theatre, Wroclaw,
pre-premiered on October 26, 2002), ‘Rodzina Wampira’ (Vampire’s Family
(Polish Theatre, Bydgoszcz, pre-premiered on September 28, 2002), which won the Director’s
Award at Bydgoszcz Premier Festival, ‘Autofobia’ (Self-hatred) (Mask Theatre, Poznań, 1995),
‘Nie wszyscy są z nas’ (Not all of us are here) (Travel Agency Theatre, Poznań, 1997),
‘Pod drzwiami’ (At the doors) (Contemporary Theatre, Wroclaw, 2000), ‘Pamiętnik znaleziony
w Saragossie’ (The diary found in Saragossa) (Travel Agency Theatre, Poznań, 2001).
The music composer to TVP programmes, such as: “Randka w Ciemno” or “Kontrowersje.”
Artistic achievements:
He performed numerous concerts, and led, organised and performed at numerous drum workshops
  in Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Romania, The United Arab Emirates, The State of
  Kuwait (where, among other performances, he performed ‘The Concert on the Wall’ during
  the 35th National Day celebrations of The United Arab Emirates at Abu Dhabi;
  performed ‘The Concert on the Wall’ 82 times and led 84 workshops at The World’s Biggest
  Drum during two major festivals in the Middle East - i.e. Global Village Festival and Dubai
   Shopping Festival, at Hannover EXPO 2000, Menuhin Festival Gstaad 2001- Jose Carreras
        Gala George Eunescu Festival in Bucharest).
        For 9 years Ryszard Bazarnik performed at several dozen concerts with Marek Biliński
           and participated, in October 1998, in recording of M. Biliński – A. Duczmal’s album
           “Reflection”. He also performed at concerts with Jorgi Quortet, at a series of
           concerts with the band TAM TAM PROJECT and with Tytus Wojnowicz
           (along with Wojnowicz’s album released in 2001).
           As far as classical music is concerned, he performed with symphony orchestras
                                 such as Sinfonia Varsovia and the Polish Radio Orchestra,
                                             Amadeus Agnieszka Duczmal’s chamber orchestra
                                                                          and the Camerata Vistula.